Our Mission

CCCLA has three pillars crucial to its core principles:

Business Connections

We serve as a connection point for the Chinese business community, and promote networking opportunities and resources for our individual and corporate members through Monthly Membership Only organized events. We provide a forum for the Chinese American and Greater Los Angeles business communities to discuss issues that impact and are relevant to both groups.

Community Empowerment

We provide a platform for established leaders and pioneers in the Chinese American community to mentor, sponsor and give back to rising younger members of the next generation. We have an established fund that provides grant and scholarship opportunities across higher education, business and entrepreneurship, healthcare and social justice.

Cultural Legacy

We promote cultural awareness of the Chinese heritage and history, so that these rich traditions are passed down to future generations. Through this sharing and through organization of large-scale community events around key Chinese holidays like Lunar New Year and Moon Festival, we improve inter-ethnic relations for all Chinese Americans in Los Angeles.