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The Chamber has seven committees:

  • New Businesses

     This committee will focus on the business side. Defining ways to help CCCLA to become self-sufficient while helping local business communities.
  • Government Liaison

    This committee will work with various local and overseas government authorities to support local businesses on key legislative and regulatory issues affecting the Chinese American businesses and their communities. This team also help to connect local officials with overseas business communities particularly China. 
  • Events

    This committee will plan and organize all CCCLA events including Miss Chinatown Pageant, Miss Chinatown Fashion Shows, CNY Parade and Festival, and etc.
  • Finance

    This committee will oversee Chamber's financial processes and will make sure all events are planned, budgeted and controlled properly, plus reviewed regularly. This committee will also oversee membership and office administration related matters.
  • Sponsorship

    This committee, with the support of the current court is responsible for getting sponsorship to properly fund CCCLA events. 
  • Legal and Compliance

    This committee will provide legal advices to CCCLA and all teams plus making sure that all processes are in compliance with established procedure.
  • Security

    A Security officer is appointed to make sure safety and security are properly observed in CCCLA events.



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